Widdershins & Wonder: Behind the Scenes with Wondershins

Widdershins & Wonder

While I am getting my official About page all gussied up, I created this “About Wondershins” series to give you a better idea of how this little nook here in this big, wide Blogiverse came to be, as well as meet the person (me!) who tinkers with the gears around here.

If you’ve been away at a tea party, here is a recap:

  • Meet the Artist – Go to the beginning of my creative journey and see where I have currently landed.
  • The Sproutling – My longtime dream of starting my own small business.
  • Little Tids & Bits – A few (possibly) fun facts about me to know me a little more!

Now that you know a little bit more about Wondershins and how it came to be, I thought I would answer some questions that concern what Wondershins is now. If you have any questions that are not on this page, please let me know in the comments below or feel free to email me at hello@wondershins.com!


Even if you aren’t starting a business or a blog, I’m sure you can relate – you think of the perfect name or social media handle…and find out it’s taken. (Sigh.) Aaaand then…Repeat 50 times more.

I had a few names that were already taken or didn’t fit quite well for a business, so I ended up writing down a list of words that encapsulated my brand and overall aesthetic. One of these words was widdershins (or withershins), which is a Scottish word for counterclockwise, because I much prefer things counterclockwise than clockwise, and also because it is fun to say.

Unfortunately, widdershins.com was already taken, so I started playing with another word on my list, wonder, and meshed the two together to form . . . Wondershins! It is quite the perfect blend of wonder and whimsy, a bit of going the other way and a lot of bit of possibilities, don’t you think?


In all honesty, Wondershins started somewhat differently as I began building up its ideas in late 2016. My main purpose is to inspire others to live a more creative life, so I started writing blog posts about how to be more creative. I included tips on how to maintain creativity, and I have tons of post-its scribbled with ideas on quick strategies on how to live a more creative life.

I was so entrenched in figuring out ways for people to be more creative, I became less creative myself. Because I work a full-time day job, most of the free time I did have were spent thinking of creative insights and writing tutorials, which meant I did not have time to draw or paint. Frustration and stress took over, so a couple months ago, I decided to pivot.

My purpose remains the same – to inspire you to live a more creative life – but I am now doing it with more paintings and storytelling. Perhaps the creative tips will come back in the future, but for now, I hope that my words and drawings can inspire you to create and, in turn, discover a more fulfilling and happy life.


I am still in the works of creating products and opening up an online shop. It has been my biggest dream to have my own shop of sorts, so I assure you, this will happen soon! You can first expect to see art prints (created by me), so you can adorn your walls with things to inspire you daily.

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It took me a long time to understand this, but I do believe that my illustrations are what make Wondershins unique. Whenever I sketch or paint, I always look for the story and the interaction of each element. I have always used drawing to speak the thoughts and emotions within me when words were not enough. Every color choice and pencil stroke are deliberately thought out to convey a bigger meaning.

This is the beauty of being an artist. Every artist has their own stories to convey, and here you’ll find the stories from my heart, which I have collected over the years. I have a very light, feminine, and whimsical aesthetic that may not be for everyone, but if you are curious, whimsical, and a dreamer like I am, you can probably relate to my illustrations!


Most important – art supplies! A lead pencil, a kneaded eraser, watercolor paints, paint brushes, a sketchbook, a watercolor pad, a ruler, and archival ink pens are the main tools I always keep handy for those kind of “anytime” projects.

For my photos, I use my iPhone 6s because the quality is pretty darn awesome, and I find it to be good for the time being until I learn to shoot properly with a DSLR.

To stay organized, I keep track of all the things I have to do, as well as all my ideas, with Asana. I use Google Drive to store all my docs and photos. And to keep the Wondershins Instagram page looking all nice and aesthetically pleasing, I use Unum to plan out how my posts will look.


Do you have any questions for me that I did not cover here? What are some things you would like to see from Wondershins? Let me know in the comments!

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