A Word for 2017: Together | Hand Lettering by Wondershins

A Word for 2017

The winding road curved familiarly as wheels skimmed the asphalt and my mind tuned into the melodic words that braided around my heart. Time flew past, alongside the wisps of wind that broke against my car. It never occurred to me that I would sail away from these well-known sidewalks, the rolling ocean who shared my thoughts, and the distant mountains wearing shawls of cozy fog.

To fly was a faraway dream that didn’t know how to land on its toes, merely grazing the surface before pirouetting in a stretch to touch the stars. But in the same vein as playground punches, it will find its footing and turn to brunches scheduled three months early, conversations with computers, and smiles shielded with tomorrow’s frets and frowns.

We drift by on ticking minutes and racing seconds, not fully understanding the breakneck speed at which we traverse, until we collide with goodbyes and lingering tears.

What else can we do but hitch up our sacks crammed full with recollections and press on? Though we may feel separate in our decisions and disasters, we learn to pick up pieces left behind from the collision and find solace in coming together.

A Word for 2017: Together | Hand Lettering by Wondershins

“Together” is the word I choose for 2017. A strengthening, solid word built from a loving pat on the shoulder, a smile from across the room, light-hearted conversations over the telephone, and gazes at the midnight moon.

Last year, I moved to another state, away from my family and every place I held dear. This year saw two family losses, and everyday, we grow older and busier.

Despite everything, I discovered that state lines can’t pull us apart, tears only bring us closer, and intentionality brings more meaning to our lives.


Inspired by the weekly creative prompt from ArtStew52


How do you maintain togetherness? What is one thing you do to grow, mend, or begin relationships? Comment below, so we all can be more intentional in our lives!


  1. “A strengthening, solid word built from a loving pat on the shoulder…” I can’t seem to help myself in pulling out beautiful sentence-strings of yours that seem to work their way into my day in the most poetic of ways.

    The need for togetherness is such an important aspect of our humanness. Over the years, I’ve found it or participated in creating it in various forms- some unexpected. This past year, Art Stew, was the most surprising. I’d seen hashtag challenges before- seen IG groups pop up here and there, but they always seemed to fade and fizzle out. Art Stew has only grown- in breadth of artistry, vulnerability, and commitment. While it is not an in-person community, there is something very “together” about it- simply from the fact that though cities, states and countries apart, we all share something significant. Something that is at the core of who we each are individual- a love of art, a steadfast commitment to intentional living, and above all else- kindness.

    • Thank you for your beautiful and uplifting words as always, Kimberly! I like that you mention the Art Stew when it comes to the word “together,” because that is one of the most powerful ways I have experienced the word ever since you introduced me to this incredible community. I was feeling very alone on this creative journey until the Art Stew. It was like wandering around, lost in a forest, until I reached a clearing with a cozy fire pit in the middle, and all of you wonderful people surrounding it and beckoning me to have a seat and a cup of tea.

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