My Dream to Start a Business | The Sproutling by Wondershins

The Sproutling

Wondershins may have sprouted in early 2017, but the seed was planted 10 years ago. It didn’t have a name then – it didn’t have any sort of name at all, really, not even “my someday business” – but the dream was there, silently taking root and holding firm.

10 years ago, I daydreamed about opening a record store, and soon after, my mind drew up plans of a fashion boutique. Knowing nothing about the world of business (how was I to know that CDs would give way to mp3’s?), my practical and realistic brain could not assemble the puzzle pieces of custom-made fashion into a money tree, so I plucked the idea from my thoughts to save them for another day and trekked to culinary school.

I wanted to learn the basics of cooking to appease my vegetarian taste buds after many meals of plain tofu, boiled greens, and white rice. There, the little seedling inside of me continued to sprinkle my dreams with ideas of bakeries and bistros, a little place for me to lovingly nudge little sweets and bits together into dreamy pastries, a zen-like setting for grassy tea to be had with rustic, hand-pinched dumplings.

Toiling away in sweaty kitchens, shouting for “hands” while delicately sprinkling candied lemon zest on quenelles of velvety ice cream only cultivated the seedling, encouraging my dreams of owning a business to grow, grow, grow. I never lost sight of what lay on the tip-toppest branches of the redwood trees, despite the neglected relationships and weary tears. Every step was made towards a more beautiful destination, that I did so believe.

Though I was pulled backwards more often than I was frontwards, I always picked up where I left off and continued on my way. I took notes and made observations, tucking away scraps of knowledge discovered and given, and regardless of the dawdling progress (and oh-so-many failed attempts!), I arrived here.

My Dream to Start a Business | The Sproutling by Wondershins

Here is the beginning – the beginning of Wondershins, of course, though there are many other beginnings of many things – and I do intend to keep going until I reach the end (in which case, I will stop). But for now, here is where I am and where the seed of my dream has sprouted. Harsh winds and cold words have lashed at the sproutling, yet sun rays and cheery faces countered with pep talks and penny walks.

And so it goes… But by god, she still stands. And isn’t that something?


Do you have a dream that you have been slowly working towards? Let me know in the comments! It could be something as simple as buying a bookshelf for a cozy nook to make your home feel more home-y, or something that takes more time, like building your very own Hobbit house. 😀


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