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Creating things has always held magical capabilities for me. I feel like I am weaving magic when I only have a few ingredients – whether it’s a bit of paper and pencil or floating thoughts and jumbled words – and I turn them into something real, something special, and something more.

Because of this, I have been drawn to dabbling in many creative endeavors to fulfill my need to make magic. And what I have discovered is that magic always puts a smile on people’s faces, and it’s that smile that always keeps me coming back.

Like most kids, I took up drawing first, coloring outside the lines, then inside… My love for sketching grew the more I kept practicing and, slowly, it became something I could be good at, that I could be proud of.

From there, I stumbled upon the camera and all the wonderful stories it could capture. Mind you, these were still the days of disposable cameras and knowing how to properly insert film – not the digital displays we mostly encounter today. I remember eagerly awaiting my photos to come out of the Walgreen’s down the street, only to disappointingly find that more than half of the photographs came out blurry. But that never stopped me from clicking, clicking away!

I enjoyed crafts and hand stitching, so in college, I travelled the road to fashion design. My hands tingled with excitement as I transformed bolts of fabric into dresses and manipulated paper to become patterns. My heart rediscovered my love for drawing with fashion illustration as I delved back into sketchbooks and paints.

Perhaps if I stuck to one craft, I would be a master at that one thing right now, but I know it won’t satiate my need to learn, explore, and grow. I am a practical girl, and even more so as I grow older, and by now, I wanted to create something sensible. This led me to culinary school to learn the basics of cooking, so I could feed myself and my family foods where they didn’t have to carve out the blackened, burned bits. Unexpectedly, I fell into the world of baking and pastries – I shimmered at the challenges and measurements of baking, and so began my journey as a pastry chef.

But even sweets and tarts couldn’t keep me away from a simple pencil and a sheet of lightly textured paper. Whenever I sketched, I lost myself in the stories depicted with imagery. With my illustrations, I was able to pour my soul and secrets into every brush stroke and pen scratch.

Which brings me here today, my fellow Wonderscout. I have been scouting around my whole life, uncovering wonder in hidden places and inspiration in the world around me, as I know you have been as well. That’s why you are settled on this virtual bench by the side of my Wondershins home, a quick pause from your creative journey to peer in and see what treasures you may happen upon here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

My main focus is on drawing, painting, and storytelling, though I may attempt some baking and picture-taking here and there. I have been pondering how all of my creative endeavors could come together in one place and still make sense, but have since realized that perhaps that is the magic of it all – art and creativity can be nonsensical and whimsical, well-thought-out and spontaneous. And so, this is where my creative journey continues, down another path that is just as mysterious and delightful as the other paths I have discovered.

Wondershins is a place for me to house my magical creations, and I am ever so happy to have you join me on this creative adventure. Wonder, Curiosity, and Imagination await, so come – let’s not be late!

With love and wonder,

Meet the Artist: Jackie, Creator of Wondershins

Photograph by Hello Hatchet


How do you make your creative magic? Do you wield paintbrush, words, or frying pan? Let me know in the comments below!


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