Little Tids & Bits: Fun Facts About the Artist of Wondershins

Little Tids & Bits

I recently shared the stories of my creative journey as well as my longtime dream of starting my own business. But everyone knows that when you meet someone, there are so many other fun and wonderful things to discover, little fun facts that can tell the world about a person. Tiny tids and bits that allow you to connect with one another and share chuckles as timeless as fond memories.

So I’m going to share some things about myself today to give you a little peek into my life, and if one of these resonate with you, be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know!

Little Tids & Bits: Fun Facts About the Artist of Wondershins


If you’re new here and haven’t read my letter to you yet, no worries! Here is a quick intro – I’m Jackie, the character who tinkers with all the gears here at Wondershins. My favorite color is green, and I enjoy telling stories through paintings, doodles, and words. I love the photo above because it encapsulates some of my favorite things – green, doodles, coloring outside the lines, and avocados.


I will always go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf. There is nothing more satisfying than that crisp sound crumbling beneath the soles of my shoes. There are leaves that require a little pounce for a thundering, immediate crunch, and then there are those leaves that I slowly press my foot down upon, heel to toe, to hear the prolonged sound – a slow, dragged out crunch that reverberates in the air. After stepping on so many leaves, you know which leaf needs what!


Curling up under the blankets and escaping into a book, surfacing only for sips of green tea, is my ideal way to spend any sort of time. I love delving into another world and meeting fanciful characters, exploring wondrous terrains and uncovering all the secrets within. And of course, tea makes everything better. It is most certainly my beverage of choice, especially hot green tea.


Try as I might, I just can’t seem to meditate. I have tried many, many times now, and I know people say that all the thoughts happen and you’ll overcome them and reach that meditative state, but nope. Doesn’t work me. Drawing, baking cookies, and wading in the ocean do a better job of clearing my mind.


If I could, I would knit little sweaters for stray kittens, but alas, I do not know how to knit. (It is on my Someday List, though!)


I totally geek out over anything to do with to-do lists, calendars, notebooks, and organizational tips. People who know me well enough know to keep me away from the stationery section of any store, because I can spend hours there! I thoroughly enjoy reading articles on productivity and organization, and have tested out lots of ways to become my most productive self. And yes, I can talk about this topic for longer than you would like…unless you fancy these things, too!


I’ll be honest – breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day. But then I went to Legoland and stayed at the Legoland Hotel and finally understood the wondrousness of breakfast. They offer a daily breakfast buffet, and after every morning meal, I felt recharged, energized, and like I could become a Ninjago. Therefore, my ideal breakfast is inspired by my stay here – fried or hard-boiled eggs, steel-cut oats with a bit of brown sugar (or Greek honey yogurt), anything potato-y, and a banana. All of this accompanied by light conversations with lovely people and at a leisurely pace.


Enough about me . . . I would love to know more about you! So let me know in the comments – what does YOUR ideal breakfast look like?

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