Jackie Sun | Illustrator and Creator of Wondershins
Welcome to wondershins!

I’m Jackie, an Illustrator specializing in watercolors, ink, graphite, and doodles, although if there were more hours in the day, I would try my hand at all the creative art forms out there! I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, with my boyfriend and imaginary cat named Bearcat who helps me send snail mail and Thoughtfuls to loved ones.

I am also a self-proclaimed Escapist and Storyweaver. Thrills and chills course through my body, heart, and mind whenever I can escape into the strokes of a watercolor painting or a mysterious piece of fantasy fiction. In turn, I weave the imaginations and inspirations into stories through illustration.

Art has always been a form of escape for me, and I use it to create worlds that I can delve into. Hand drawn illustrations say the words that I can never seem to find, and they tell the stories I am too shy to speak, as if they are whispered secrets of my heart.

With art, I feel a connection to people in a world where I normally feel lonely. But I have discovered that my art speaks to people and expresses the feelings within me. With art, I can belong.

Which is why I created Wondershins, a place where I can escape to and not be forgotten. It is a place for me to share the stories of my creative journey and to connect with other curious hearts who are also a bit left of center. And if you’re one of the Wonderstruck, Curious, and Forgotten, then I hope you can find comfort in this little world of mine as well. You are welcome here anytime, this home away from home.

This place of happiness and wonder.