A Story About Sadness by Wondershins


The cold twisted around my chest, vines of ice embedded with thorns that pierced and sent forth bursts of pain that came and went with the beating of my heart.

Pulse, pain, pulse, pain. A steady rhythm that keeps me suspended in the moment, with no direction and no purpose. A gentle calming that conflicts with the shipwreck inside me.

Sharp tears and razor-edged thoughts silently cascade down my cheeks, leaving in their tracks ravines to hold the memories. Memories captured and frozen in ice to be studied in later years, to be reminded of this desolate, frigid landscape. A reminder of loneliness in wide open spaces and hunger for the embers.

Because thorns leave scars, and scars never forget.

Inspired by the writing prompt from Ink & Grace Editing


  1. Jackie, I love this so much. Two phrases in particular were especially meaningful to me:

    “Memories captured and frozen in ice to be studied in later years…” and “…thorns leave scars, and scars never forget.”

    This brings to mind how with the passing of time, we can return back to painful, sorrowful, dark memories, and see them from a slightly more removed perspective where wisdom and objectiveness and gentleness and kindness reside. I look back and remember who I was then, how it felt to experience it, what it all meant to me, why it hurt, what scar it left, if/how it shaped me (and if some good has grown from something dark).

    • Yes! I love the thought of being able to observe and study pain from the past, to learn and grow from it. As painful as sadness can be, I find that I do embrace it in a way, because I can discover joy alongside it. (This is so like the movie “Inside Out”!) Thank you for your comment, Kimberly. It really touches me that someone can understand and relate to my words. 🙂

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