A Love Letter | Story & Illustration by Wondershins

A Love Letter

Tonight, you were a giant, a dinosaur, and a wolf. A dragon and a bear. You towered above me and crushed me, as if I was nothing but a speck of dust. You breathed fire and blew down walls. You were unstoppable. And I hope you never stop.

Your eyes twinkled when you saw the princess trapped in the castle. She had a lovely voice, high-pitched but sweet. She sung even as you lurked nearby. You listened to every word, you mouthed along. Someday you’ll sing just like her, if you don’t already.

A Love Letter | Story & Illustration by Wondershins

And then you were gone, swept away by the winds of time. You shone a light into every battle zone, every danger scene. You never missed a beat. Perhaps that’s why you never got caught. You danced and fought to your own song. No one could ever discover what it was.

But even a great creature like you needs to find a place to stay, to close your eyes and trust that tomorrow will bring a brand new day. One filled with adventures and fairies, straw houses and beanstalks, dangers and thrills, and the endless possibilities that they all tore down but you know they’re out there.

You just need to know where to look.

And don’t they know, you always know where to look.


  1. I love this so much. Imagination forever!

    • Yes! I hope my niece never forgets the wealth and riches her brain carries. Children are truly inspirations, with their intricate imaginations and never ending creativity!

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